Innovative 360°Angle Cross nib Grey Fountain Pen

Innovative Hero All 360 ° Cross Angle Grey Fountain Pen

This is an auction for a very special and innovative All angle nib pen form hero. You all must be bored with the same style of nib. Fed up with applying too much pressure to write.

Always looking for special pens for left hand writers.

Here is the solution for all the problems: the New All angle nib.

What is the all angle nib? Whats its advantages over the standard nibs??

The Bident nib is a 360degree nib with 4 slits.

The specialty of this nib is that if you can write with any angle or side within 360 degree magnitude. In this nib the advantage is that you can enjoy the writing of both ballpoint pen and fountain pen.

For example:

If you write on the carbon paper, you have to apply pressure to write. Then only it will help to copy on the carbon paper. But if you write with the all angle trident nib on the carbon paper without applying any pressure, you can see the carbon images easily. Isn’t this amazing? With no pressure just by the weight of the pen you can write as much as you want.

Many of my buyers’ complaint of wrist pain stress in hand or some other physical problem which makes hard to apply pressure while writing. This trident nib is a great way to write for all the people. The other advantage
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