INOX ARCOS ALBACETE Clasp Knife navaja spanish spain

This knife is a Spanish clasp knife style. Probably made in Spain it is also about 30 to 35 years old. It is stamped ALBACETE ARCOS INOX nice little knife. It is a navaja or so I have heard. I noticed that it has 1 flaw and this is that the bull horn handle has an imperfection on one side I wonder how that happened? Other than that it looks fantastic for its age.

Attention to all bidders , if you plan on paying in paypal you must pay an additional $5 due to all of paypals fees to me the seller. If this sounds kind of lousy to you, you could also pay with a money order. With a money order it will take longer yet it will be $5 bucks less. Paypal will get the knives to you quicker though it is up to you the winning bidder though.