Insane Clown Posse - Ringmaster SILVER FACES! Twiztid

Up for auction is the extremely rare Insane Clown Posse - SILVER FACES

Ringmaster CD.

This CD is rare in number, and
barely if not only a few are still around and circulating in the world. DON"T SLEEP ON THIS!! YOU WILL DEFINITELY
REGRET IT!! I'm giving this CD up so I can make it to the Gathering this year. Below is info on this Rare Cd.

Like COC, Ringmaster has been through many different pressings and Psychopathic phone numbers. The most sought
after Ringmaster variations are the Gold and Silver "Foil" OG Cds. is the story, as far as I know it. Looking
at the pictures, you can see that the Silver version has Silver Ringmasters on the actual CD.
Also, on the back of the CD case of both are Bronze instead of 'gold.'

I've seen this CD go for almost 200.00 + on ebay.

You can be one of few who owns the Silver Faces version!! 's Your Chance!!

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