INSANITY "Dig Deeper Fit Test" Shaun T. Fitness DVD

This is Disc #1 in the 60 day workout program

Never Used Dvd

Excellent condition

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Insanity is a super intens e workout program created by personal trainer Shaun T.

Transform your body in just 60 days, NO N eed for any equipment or weights.

Dig Deeper Fit Test

The Fit Test is used to keep track of your progress with Insanity. You will come back to the Fit Test every 2 weeks.

Fit Test Length 25 minutes

Starts with a warm up. Under 2:00 minutes and you'll go through a few quick moves to get warmed up.

Jumping Jacks
123 Heisman
Butt Kicks
High Knees
Mummy Kicks

This will show u what Insanity has to offer and at your own fitness level. After your warm up Shaun takes you through a quick stretch session before getting down to business.

The cast for this dvd contains 3 people, Shaun T , Tonya and Chris. Tonya & Chris have completed the 60 days of Insanity.

The Workout

During the workout you'll do each move for 1 min & keeping track of your reps for each move. After each move Shaun will ask Tonya and Chris there starting numbers compared to there 60 day numbers so you can see their improvements

A great Effective workout

This Dvd will come in a DVD sleeve and will be packaged securely for shipment guaranteed!!!

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