inspector gadget animation cel

another inspector gadget authentic production animation cel, this time with the inspector and some crazy guy! the paintingbackdrop thingy part on all of these which i am selling isapproximately 10"x14" and the acetate layers are approximately 8"x10". item comes as is(no frame) not quite mint condition, but i'd say pretty good quality! i recieved all these cels when my dad took me to work with him at DIC about 21 years ago.
*please note: this one is in slightly worse condition than the other cels. t is a tear on the far left side of the backdrop painting paper part that intrudes about a half inch in but does not actually interfere with any of the painting, and t is a similar tear on the bottom. also i feel like the colors on the acetate portion are slightly faded. still the cel is totally presentable