Integy T-Maxx 3.3 HD 7075 Blue Aluminum Front Bulkhead

Integy T-Maxx 3.3 HD 7075 Blue Aluminum Front Bulkhead


This the Team Integy Super Heavy-Duty Blue 7075-T6 Aluminum Front Bulkhead Set for use with all versions of the Traxxas T-Maxx and E-Maxx trucks. This bulkhead is tough, durable, and looks awesome! Included with these bulkheads are aluminum bulkhead braces, as well as all the required screws to put this on your truck. This is a great upgrade for all Maxx truck owners and drivers. These also look great on show trucks! We have matching rear bulkheads, as well as tons of other hop-ups at excellent prices in our eBay store!


7075-T6 aluminum construction Blue in color

One Right Side Front Bulkhead
One Left Side Front Bulkhead
Two Blue Aluminum Bulkhead Brace Posts (29.25mm long)
Two 3x12mm Button Head Screws (phillips)
Four 3x16mm Flat Head Screws (phillips)
Four 3x14mm Flat Head Screws (phillips)
Four 3x10mm Flat Head Screws (phillips)
Four 3x8mm Flat Head Screws (phillips)

Length: 3.63" (92mm)
Width: .65" (16.5mm)
Height: 2.54" (64.5mm)

Fits Traxxas T-Maxx .15, 2.5, 2.5R, 3.3 (both model 4908 & 4909), and E-Maxx (both model 3905 & 3906)

All items are brand new in the factory package, with the full manufacturer warranty.

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