Intel PDS-100 Personal Development System circ:1982/3

I have for offer this iconic Intel PDS 100 personal development system complete with additional PDS130 disk drive and the full original Intel Manual (dated revision 2 2/83)

Whilst this system did operate a couple of years ago it now fires up and requests load from Bubble y/n reply y and you get the display shown. It appears to be unable to load from the floppy disk although I do have the original INTEL load disk, and a system disk. It comes also with number of 5 inch floppy's as well.

I believe that not many of these original, first of luggable portables weighing in at some 14KG, were imported into the UK and used for E-prom programming.

If you are a collector of vintage computers you will want this for your collection. This computer due to its age some 30 years is not offered as perfect early microcomputers were known to have faults and require technical knowledge to repair or operate properly. This item is sold for collectors and technical experts in AS-IS condition.

Due to the combined weight these items (15-16Kg) is for collection in person only.

Payment by PayPal only.

Please note I have no returns policy.