Interactive/ Gurgling / Sucking Baby Annabell Doll with Extra Clothes and Bottle

Interactive Baby Annabell Doll with bottle and extra clothes.

She makes sucking noises and her mouth moves when the bottle is put in her mouth. It gurles, sucks and even burps! I don't know which version she is but she has D173 6JA on her label is that means anything to anyone?

Doll is in great condition, nice and clean-definately nice enough to send to Father Christmas ;0) All clothes are washed and ironed. I can't find the dummy as from what I remember it's eyes will close when the dummy is in but those can easily be bought on ebay.

Sorry about the high postage as the cheapest way to post is by standard parcels as Annabelle is a bit of a chunk! I have added a few other postage options though. Three day listing so that it can be in the post asap.

The parcel will include Annabelle (I put new batteries in because I am nice but she does need 4 x AA's), a pink gingham/cheese cloth type fabric dress, a lilac sleepsuit (not original but fits and is cute), a peachy zip up sleeping bag and the bottle. If I find any others I will add them to the listing.

All items come from a smoke free home and are cleaned before posting (I can't believe I should have to state this but I have encountered some scuzz bags on eBay that do not wash items before posting-eww!)

Please ensure that you want the
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