Interesting Reynolds 8A Trombone Mouthpiece

NOTE TO ALL BIDDERS I do my best to describe my auctions fully, but I sometimes miss something. My descriptions include not only the written part of the description but also the photos. Sometimes t is an obvious discrepancy between the written part of the description and the photos - PLEASE email me and bring it up so I can clarify the issue. Sometimes the photos reveal something that wasn't mentioned in the written part of the description. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I DID NOT DESCRIBE THIS CONDITION. Please DO NOT BID if you haven't read my written write-up fully and have not looked at all photos thoroughly. I will not accept returns for instruments for issues that are shown in the written and/or photo portions of the description. is a very interesting trombone mouthpiece. I have never seen one shaped quite like this, but then again I am not exactly an expert in brass instruments. It says "Reynolds 8A." Good luck with your bidding. Please scan the various question headings (in red) below. I try to clarify as many issues as possible ahead of time to avoid confusion. Not only that, but I do my best to be clear on my policies. Don't bid unless you are willing to agree with my reasonable policies. Ask me some questions

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Retract Your Bid If you made a bidding error and wish to retract the bid, please do not email me and ask me to correct your error for you. I won't do it. It is very easy to retract bids on your own through eBay. is the eBay site for such things. Retract Your Bid . I recommend having the item number handy prior to going to that site. Terms and Conditions Please read the paragraphs below to be clear on my reasonable policies and terms of auctions. I will abide by them whether you read them or not, and will consider your bid on this item as your agreement to my terms. That means that if you want me to deviate on my terms for refunds and returns and haven’t read or followed my policies as clearly outline in the link, then I will not make special accommodations . RESERVES If you would like to request my reserve price, don't email me, but please take a moment to read my thoughts on Reserves and Bidding first. RETURNS and REFUNDS I do guarantee that this item is in the condition as stated in the description. I aim to please and do my best to be flexible with winning bidders. Please read my policy on Returns and Refunds first. If you find that my description is substantially inaccurate, I will, of course, refund your purchase price upon the item’s safe return. I do require that you inform me of the deficiencies or your disappointments within 7 days of receiving the item. Please note that I rarely sell brand new items. This means that even if something is described as “minty” or “excellent” you may find upon inspection, tiny imperfections or evidence of use. I will not make full or partial refunds for minor insubstantial imperfections. If you insist on only buying items in factory new condition, you should purchase them directly from a licensed retail store. FRAUD Please note that as wonderful as eBay is, occasionally someone registers who intends to defraud the seller or buyer. Some geographical locations are notorious for considerable fraudulent attempts. Although I prefer to make my auction items available throughout the world wihout restriction, I will not put myself at unnecessary risk. If I suspect that a bidder is acting in a suspicious or fraudulent manner I will take whatever actions I need to protect my interests. This may mean that I will cancel a bid and/or report the bidder to eBay. Please check out the following websites for helpful information on eBay fraud - 13 red flags for buyers first. 10 red flags for sellers .BUY IT NOW If I did not list this item as a Buy It Now through Ebay, then t is no Buy It Now price. If you email a seller asking for a Buy It ...
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