International Silver Co Joanne Serving Waiter Tray 7291

Internation Silver Company

Wilcox Joanne 7291

Waiter Tray, Serving Tray

This is a large silver serving tray/waiter tray/platter. Guess the name all depends on what part of the country you are from. It weighs approximately 8 pounds and the tray itself is 20" long and about 15" wide from side swirl to side swirl. If you include the silver handles the tray is about 25" long. I purchased this silver tray from an estate auction and I have not polished it. I'm selling it as it is. It does have a couple small areas on it that are discolored and could use some silver polish. One of the areas is blackish. That mark is about 1/8" wide and about 1" long. It may or may not come off with silver polish. Depending on which way the light hits the silver it is either noticeable or nearly unnoticeable. I tried to take a picture and it didn't come out well on the camera. Overall the tray is in good condition with the usual abrasions/minor surface scratching you get from polishing silver. The back also shows some scratching from being set down etc. With some good silver polishing the item may or may not look excellent. I'm not a silver expert and I'm not polishing because I know some people out t prefer the more aged looked. So I'm selling as is. This item sells for $159.95 at