Interview Magazine Madonna September 2015 The #ME Issue 1 of 8 Covers Newsstand

Interview Magazine Madonna September 2015 The #ME Issue 1 of 8 Covers (making it very rare to find in the wild - also it is now pulled from shelves) News Stand Copy! A
- Interview is taking inspiration from the "selfie" and fashion's obsession with social media for its September "Instagram-themed" issue, featuring eight alternative covers. The magazine asked Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Zayn Malik and Mert Alas to take their own cover shots. Interview editor in chief Keith Pollock explained..."We just asked people to imagine their ultimate self portraits -- whether it was highly produced or a simple selfie." "You really understand what people are about," editorial director Fabien Baron said, referring to the kinds of pictures that came back; some were highly produced, while others were "raw." "It's interesting for Madonna because she didn't give a sh-t," noting that she snapped a few quick selfies between rehearsal breaks while she was on tour.
This is a NEWSSTAND COPY - Please buy only if you understand it is not perfect. It is however NEW, just mistreated a bit at the newsstand while waiting to be sold. It has not been read but it has some issues so it is being listed as "like new". Perfectly collectible, this copy can still be anything from a reader to a framer.
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