Inuit Art Gabriel Gely 1964 Baker Lake # 10 Kayaitok

Inuit Art Gabriel Gely 1964 Baker Lake # 10 Kayaitok DESCRIPTION
Up for auction is this lovely piece by artist, Gabriel Gely. It measures 15 1/2" by 13" and will be shipped out of the frame. The bottom is signed G. Gely, Baker Lake 1964, Kayaitok # 10.
At 73, born in 1924, painter Gabe Gely is still going strong and painting the portraits
and the landscape scenes that he fell in love with and lived in for more than
half of his life.
Gely arrived in Canada in 1952 and got a job as a cook's helper in Ennadai
Lake, a weather station west of Hudson Bay.
During his employment, Gely noticed that many of the Inuit people were
starving and he stole food and gave it to them to stop them from dying.
They called him Taraami, meaning "he who comes from downstairs," because the
food storage room was located downstairs.
"T were very few non-Inuit people t and for some reason, the caribou
changed and the Inuit relied solely on them and they were starving to death.
Gabe used to sneak food to them out the back door and that was the beginning of
his love for them," says Marg Baile, the owner of Arctic Art Gallery in
Yellowknife and a close friend of Gely.
The Inuit in the area were eventually transferred
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