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This is the sword of Inuyasha - Tessaiga
The Tessaiga was made from a fang of InuYasha's and Sesshomaru's full-blooded ykai father. In its "docile" form, the sword looks like an ordinary (and rather battered) katana. The sword is enchanted with a barrier that severely burns any full blooded ykai--no matter how powerful it might be-- who might try to wield it, and will not transform at all unless the wielder has the desire to protect humans, the only exception being Sesshomaru. In its active state, it transforms into an incredibly large and heavy weapon that somewhat resembles a cross between a traditional zanbato and a falchion. In this form the tsuba (handguard) changes into fur and the rest of blade resembles a very sharp fang. This fur is supposed to be white, similar to Sesshomaru's mokomoko, since it comes from their father who had silverish white fur. In the anime, however, the coloring for it is inconsistent, sometimes white and sometimes brown. Since

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