Invisible Marked Playing Cards - Magic Juice Deck Blue

as seen in the movie, "Shade"

NOW, with just a quick glance at the back of your playing card, you know exactly what card it is! Yes, both the number and the suit of the card. Other players would never know how you recognized the card!

The harder they search for the markings, the less they see. Even under bright light and close inspection, the marks still remain just as invisible.

-NO special glasses or devices are necessary. You do NOT need to look at the card in a strange way. Even from far away, these markings will stand out to you like bright neon signs!

-You can identify the card from across the room!

-Juice products like this one are used by top experts, because the markings are impossible to see unless you know the secret

-All markings are difficult to find (you will know w they are of course)

-Full instructions are included


What is the Juice Deck?

The Juice is one of the most popular deck marking systems that have been sought after for quite a while. The best juice recipes are guarded secrets that sell for thousands of dollars. Gamblers have used these secretive marks in order to obtain an unfair advantage over the unsuspecting players. (not intended for gambling) The juice deck I sell is consistent
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