Iomic Putter Grip MIDSIZE RED - Ion Power !!!

Iomic Putter Grip Red MIDSIZE -- Victory Custom Golf carries all theh colors & round Iomics also.
Since its launch, the "IOMIC" grips have attracted the attention of many professional golfers. Based on the ergonomic design, its super soft touch and feel ensures maximum feedback to players. The unique compound creates extreme water-proof capability and guarantees a more stable round in high humidity. We have pursued every possibility to make your round of golf comfortable and stable.

You never felt a putter grip like this one. It provides an unique combination of confidence and feel. Choose the right color and size for you game.

In the past, most golf grips were made out of rubber, which was not resistant to ultraviolet rays. Those grips would soon begin to crack, and would not be of use within a short amount of time. So, to make the rubber last longer, they would add carbon, which would make the grip more resistant to ultraviolet.

But similar to pencil lead, carbon's color is black; therefore the only color available was black.

Recently, other companies have produced colored grips like ours. They are using a material called ABR. (Thermoplastic Rubber). We also thought about using ABR, however during testing ABR showed problems with adhesiveness and was slippery when wet. We therefore abandoned
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