Ireland -1943 Irish Farthing 1/4d UNCIRCULATED LUSTROUS Irland Eire Coin!

1943 Irish Farthing in Uncirculated Condition

This auction is for a 1943 Irish 1/4d or Farthing in Uncirculated Condition with mint lustre. The farthing features a Woodcock and 1/4d on the reverse, and a Harp, date and Éire on the obverse. The farthing is about the size of a Euro 5c, or decimal 1p, and is bigger than a US 1 cent. There were 960 to the pound, and by the late 1950s they had faded from circulation.

There were only 480,000 Irish Farthings (£500 in face value!) minted in 1943. Very few were collected at the time, and those that survived were well circulated. This one is Uncirculated Condition with mint lustre - so see the Supersized photos of the actual coin in the auction and judge its condition for yourself. (S ee also the other Uncirculated Irish farthings that I have for auction!).

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