Ireland - 2000 Cased PROOF GEM Irish Silver £1 Coin!!!!

Proof 2000 Irish Silver £1 with Original Case

This auction is for an official issue cased PROOF Irish£1 Piedfort Solid Sterling silver (92.5% pure) year 2000 coin. It is in absolutely fabulous GEM condition. It still retains the mirror like WHITE FROSTED PROOF condition as originally minted. There is the image of the Bronze Age Broighter boat and the word Millennium and £1 on the reverse, and 2000, Éire, and the Harp on the obverse. See the Supersized photos of the Actual Coin, and Original Case of Issue in the auction and judge it for yourself. The photos were taken without a flash so the coin is much whiter in reality.

90,000 silver Piedfort proofs were issued by the Central Bank of Ireland and sold out very quickly due to the excitement of the Millennium year. (A Piedfort coin is twice the thickness of an ordinary coin). This £1 coin is protected by a clear capsule enabling it to be taken out of its case without being handled. It fits snugly into the original black Central Bank of Ireland display case.

In 1990, the one pound notes were replaced by this coin and 1990 was the first year of issue. They are a very attractive coin - about the same size of the half crown, or American silver dollar. The one pound coins had a short life with this the last one being issued in 2000. They were then withdrawn from
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