Ireland 50 Piece Lot Irish 1 Punt Copper Nickel 1990 Circulated VF to EF

Ireland. A Fifty Piece Lot, 50 , of the Irish 1990 circulated one punt coins , struck in copper nickel.
These coins are large, being 31 mm diameter, but not as large as a silver dollar. They have a harp, with the words EIRE and the date around on the obverse. The reverse has an Irish Red Deer or Stag. The coins fit into the animal coinage theme, proposed by W.B. Yeats, in 1927, and first executed by Percy Metcalf, in 1928, with a harp on the obverse, and an indigenous Irish animal on the reverse.
This date, 1990, is the first year of issue, for this denomination coin. The coin was not issued every year, but when economic need required it be issued for trade. The Irish One Punt was issued 1990, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 Red Deer Reverse, and 2000 Millennium Broighter Boat reverse. After 2000, Ireland converted to the Euro.
All 50 pieces are circulated Very Fine to Extremely Fine, with undesirable coins removed that might have edge nicks or corrosion. This is a useful lot. Photos are untouched. The actual coins shipped may not be the same coins in the photo, but are from the same lot. If you want other dates, of this series, or circulated year sets, I can put those together and list on Ebay for you. If you require, more than 50 pieces, I can sort that out.
I am well known in the Irish Coin Trade, having attended
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