I am very pleased to offer this very exceptionally beautiful collection of 50 IRISH LINEN DOUBLE DAMASK BANQUET NAPKINS in a variety of Beautiful Patterns.

I am often asked by restaurant owners, caterers, and bridal planners for a larger number of napkins - uniform in size and in complementary patterns. This assortment includes all of the favorites - including chrysanthemums, roses, exotic flowers, and delicate scrollwork patterns. These a re vintage dinner napkins for use in the most elegant and formal of settings. The napkins are woven double damask, with a selvege on one side and a finely hemmed border on the other. They are of uniform size and measure approximately 18" X 18" square.

I love to restore antique linens - to bring them back to their soft and elegant original state. I have soaked, starched and ironed these napkins and I can assure you that they are in VERY GOOD CONDITION - ready to be used for your next formal affair.

I assembled this lot because it is impossible to put together a matching set of more than 12 napkins - but for entertaining large numbers, these napkins are complementary in pattern and size and will add elegance to your dining table. Irish linen damask is a lost art - you will not find the likes of these gorgeous napkins in your local department store. These napkins are real
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