Irish Republican Army IRA Volunteer Vintage Poster 1913

Interesting Volunteers poster which would have been seen around the streets of Dublin in 1913.

Speaking at the event is Eoin MacNeill, who established the Irish Volunteers on the 25th of November 1913, the date of the poster.

The Volunteers were created in direct response to the formation in 1912 of the Ulster Volunteers.

The Irish at the top of the poster, “Óglaigh na hÉireann”, means ‘Irish Volunteers’ and can also mean ‘Warriors of Ireland’.

It states the event is for the “formation of the Irish Volunteers and the enrollment of men” and that “all able-bodied Irishmen will be eligible for enrollment.”

The Volunteers staged the Easter Rising in 1916.

In 1919, Dáil Éireann recognised the Irish Volunteers and as its legitimate army.

The Irish Volunteers later evolved into the Irish Republican Army (IRA). So in a sense this print signifies the start of the IRA, an organisation that still remains today.

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Measures 16.5" X 12" approx. Unique AGED LOOK reprint! Comes alive when framed! Great Conversation piece! Fine addition to any Irish home, business, pub etc!

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