THE IRISH UPRISING 1916-1922 2x LP Boxed Set+2 Booklets

THE IRISH UPRISING 1916-1922 2x LP Boxed Set+2 Booklets

Welcome to the CBS Legacy Collection and its special boxed set release

" The Irish Uprising 1916-1922 "

Rego Record Label, Catalog# P2-15279 . This is an original catalog release # IL-1622 from the Irish Life series.

Original boxed set with two plain record sleeves. Includes a 24-page book with historicl photographs and text by Frank O'Connor, as well as a CBS program sheet narrated by Charles Kuralt.

Item's Condition:

Vinyl - VG++ / VG+ - Two extraordinary vinyls with a smooth lustre and tremendous shine! Record 1, Side 1 is VG+ due to the presence of some light sleeve scuffs which do not hinder sound quality or play.

Cover - VG+ - This embossed, textured cover remains functional, though the corners have been reinforced with tape. The lid and bottom are separate, and not attached to each other.

Record 1, Side 1:

The Soldier's Song (Clancy Brothers - Tommy Makem) Padraig Pearse Oration at the Grave of O'Donovan-Rossa The Bold Fenian Men (sung by Brandon O'Dúill) From an Interview by Sean T. O'Kelly From a Speech by Eamon DeValera Lonely Banna Strand (sung by Kay Hart) Eamon DeValera From the Rebel (read by Tommy Makem) The Tri-Color Ribbon (sung by Anne Byrne) The Rising of the Moon (sung by Tom Clancy)
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