Iron Cooking Grill, Open Fire, Camping, Blacksmith Made

Iron Cooking Grill

This is an iron cooking grill, hand made on a coal fired forge at Graysburg Forge in Greene County, Tennessee. The design idea came from the grills that many of the Civil War Reenactors had at the 146th annual Battle of Gettysburg reenactment that we attended this year. This is a great item for Civil War Reenactors or Pioneer Reenactors.

This grill comes completely apart for ease of packing and transport. It is very easy to assemble, and comes in 18 pieces -- 4 legs approx. 22" tall and 2 frame pieces approx. 32" long (all made using 3/8" round iron) and 12 cross pieces approx. 15" long made from 1/4" round iron. The legs are driven into the ground a few inches. This grill is meant to be directly over your cooking fire. I finish the iron with a non-toxic beeswax finish that will eventually burn off, but initially protects the metal from rusting (let me know if you prefer no finish). The cross pieces are attached to the frame piece with a loop, so they are secure. The cross pieces slide freely on the frame piece and are completely adjustable from one end to the other. Spread them out for a large pan, move them to opposite ends for cooking at the fire's edge, or space them as you want to grill a hot dog or a steak.

This is a very simple and beautiful design for a grill. It is very heavy
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