Iron Man Movie Fine Art Statue: Damaged Box Special

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Iron Man Movie Fine Art Statue

Kotobukiya's inaugural Marvel Comics merchandise release spotlights the Iron Man feature film with a 1/6th scale (approximately 13" tall) Fine Art Statue inspired by the film's original promotional one-sheet.
Stan Winston Studios fabricated the armor from designs by comic artist Adi Granov, and every detail of Iron Man's Mark III armor is faithfully replicated Manufactured in cold cast porcelain with metallic paint from Marvel Studios reference, the statue even features multiple LEDs in the eyes, Repulsor Ray palms, and chest uni-beam.
Features a sculpted Iron Man film logo on a 3D realization of his chest symbol, painted in the Mark I color scheme. Individually numbered on the base bottom as part of a Limited Edition.

New In Box.

Boxe has damage to corners. Statue still protected by foam insulation. If the statue is damaged you may return for a full refund.

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