IRON MAN Tales of Suspense #51 - 1963 Early Marvel - VG

Tales of Suspense #51 - Iron Man battles The Scarecrow, way back in 1963!
A Silver Age classic - my stomach hurts just thinking of selling it!! This comic is in Good to Very Good shape, with cover intact and all pages. Some knucklehead wrote "10 cents" on the cover, and crossed out the 12 cent price with the same red marking comic de-hancer. I hope I was not the idiot that did this....but, It's possible!
T's a couple other stories in this one, including The Watcher, but who cares about that stuff?!? - it's an very early, rare Iron Man story with a Stan Lee script and Don Heck art - well worth your bid, and my listing it - I hope.
All my comics come wrapped in a plastic bag, with stiff backing, and are sent with a mixture of love and regret. I loved having them, and regret that the price of gas makes me have to sell them now!! Stupid gas prices....oh, well, at least you get a bargain on this comic! Thanks for the bids!!