Iron Menagerie - Step by Step Instructions for Forging Animal Heads

Iron Menagerie: Step by Step Instructions , by The Guild of Metalsmiths, published by Norm Larson Books, Lompoc, Calif., 1991. Sixth printing, January 2006. 11 x 8½ (landscape) paperback, 33 pages.

Please note this book is new, not used.

The Guild of Metalsmiths is a charter chapter of ABANA – the Artists Blacksmith Association of North America – based in Minnesota. This book by Guild of Metalsmiths members, which explains how to forge fifteen different animal heads, became a classic as soon as it reached the public. There is a photograph and text for each and every step in forging an particular animal head. This book is unique in that it clearly shows every step in making an animal head that any person with a minimal amount of experience can easily follow.

Table of Contents Dedication Introduction/Tools Steer Head Blue Crane Head One Heat Duck Head Wolf Head Ram Head Buffalo Head Owl Bear Head Mouse Head Realistic Duck Head Horse Head Horse Head on a Horseshoe Eagle Head Rattlesnake Wizard Head Contributors