From Estate in North Texas: Vintage & gorgeous, U.S. made "Irwin" Perfect Handle Style Screwdriver of approx. 11 1/4" OAL composed of best quality carbon steel milled from a soild billet with the HardRock Maple scales double HD riveted onto the milled handle end. Ergonomic grip feature a svelte double palm swell on the slightly flattened handle end which measures about 4" in length. Heavy shaft has a diameter of 3/8" and a length of about 7 1/4" from scales to the 3/8" wide tip. Metal appears to have been factory heated & oil quenched after surfaces were wire brushed. This beauty still retains the factory varnish coat from way back when as well & shaft reads: "IRWIN" ... "U.S.A." at mid-point.(See Photos) T are NO dings, dents, scratches, cracks, corrosion, or any other "problems" visible on either the wood or the steel of this tool. Essentially New Old Stock, this Irwin Screwdriver was recently purchased at Estate. probably of about 1950s/60s era production, it seems to have never been used at all. NO, we don't see 'em like this beautiful example very often, and neither will you! Missing one of these from your private collection or vintage hand tool display? Know what this is and prefer the "Perfect Handle" style Screwdrivers to the usual "junque" offered these days? Well look no further 'cause this is the real deal, ... read more