Isco Iscorama 36 Anamorphic Lens 1.5x Squeeze

Isco Iscorama 36 Anamorphic Lens 1.5x Squeeze Yes, the really, really, rare one!
This is a used Iscorama 36 anamorphic lens, and the holy grail of anamorphic lenses for the DSLR movie maker. It is superbly adaptable and of a relatively compact size compared to its bigger brothers and has that flare that is so beloved of movie makers. And of course it has the 1.5x ratio that is so much in demand.
I understand there is a similar sized Iscorama often described as a '36', but it has a smaller rear element and isn't so well adapted to DSLR shooting, but is frequently described as a '36'. If you are looking for an Iscorama 36, just make sure that the lens you are buying is actually what you think it is - if it doesn't say '36' on the front, then it isn't a '36'......
The lens is designed to be fitted in front of a standard lens (minimum focal length about 45mm) and attaches via a number of spacers which are supplied (they are just old 49mm filters with the glass removed). In order to use this, you will need a quality standard prime lens.
There is no fungus in the lens. There is a tiny bit of edge separation of the internal elements of the Iscorama, but this does seem to be fairly common among Iscorama anamorphic lenses, and this is only mentioned for accuracy as it has no bearing on the image. The focus adjustment
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