A stunning, hand-painted, quality set of paintings, contemporary yet timelessly elegant

The Arabic calligraphy on the left hand painting reads " ALLAHU AKBAR" (ALLAH IS THE GREATEST) on the middle painting it reads "BISMILLAH IR-RAHMAN IR-RAHIM" (IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MOST BENEFICIENT THE MOST MERCIFUL) and on the right hand painting it reads "INSHALLAH" (IF ALLAH WILLS).

The calligraphy is silver on black backgrounds. I have painted on four layers of silver paint to ensure a radiant and lustrous finish.

There are three separate canvases, each one measures 40 cm (16 inches) high x 30cm (12 inches) wide x 1.7cm (0.6 inches) deep.

These paintings are hand painted in acrylic, by myself, a degree accredited graphic artist.

I spend a long time on my paintings so they are very neat.

They are all painted on 100% pure cotton duck canvas frames.

There are no staples or tacks on the sides of the frame, and the paint goes right down the edges so the canvas is ready to hang as it is. Although you can add a frame if you so wish.

I have added some picture wire on the back secured with screw hooks, so you can pop it straight onto the wall.

Your painting will be carefully packaged in bubble wrap and cardboard to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

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