Isomerizer 2 Herbal Oil Extractor, Exceptionally Rare

Rare antique, nearly impossible to obtain since being banned from commercial sale by the government. It was originally designed to extract hash oil from marijuana, but this device is only intended to be used for legal purposes. It can be used to make perfume from flower petals, or to extract oil from any plant material to make homeopathic medicines. It can also be used to make incense and other fragrant extractions. Again, this device is only intended to be used for legal purposes.

Simple to use, one uses 100% isopropyl alchohol which flows through the plant material and leaches out the vital oils. The alchohol then is evaporated by the thermostatically controlled heating element. The aluminum fins located in the top of the device then condenses the alchohol which then flows back through the plant material, much in the same fashion as a coffee maker. The plant material is then removed, and the reclamation cup is then placed in place and collects the alchohol, leaving the vital oils reclamed in the bottom of the stainless steel unit.

This is a very high quality device, made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum. The self contained, thermostatically controlled heating element is fully adjustable.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Bought new in 1979, and kept in pristine condition by the original
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