Israel- Palestine JNF KKL Interim Period - Registered cover (Minhelet Ha'am) - Haifa 1. Bale # 6 - red Herzl, corner stamp, black overprint; Bale #46b - Diaspora Series I (blue), with selvedge; Bale # 57 - Diaspora Series II (brown), with selvedge.

History- The British Mandate Postal Administration officially phased out its various postal functions in Palestine from 14th April- 15 May 1948, the State of Israel being officially declared in the afternoon of 4 May 1948. British Mandate mail service was terminated in a chaotic manner in many towns of Eretz-Israel prior to this time. Local stamps were produced in a few towns and cities on an emergency basis, as early as April 5th in Rishon Le Tzion and as late as May 24th in isolated Jerusalem.

The "Minhelet Ha'am" (Jewish People's Administration) authorized the entire countrywide use of available Jewish National Fund labels overprinted "Doar" (Post) as postage in the interim time from 2-14 May 1948, between the closing of British-run postal offices, and the establishment of Israel.

The Minhelet Ha'am did tolerate the use of Mandate stamps as legitimate postage through May 15th, 1948, and the use of JNF overprinted labels as legitimate postage was 22 May 1948 for all towns and cities of Israel except Jerusalem.

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