Issue 21 ALL WESTY SPECIAL Axle Trampin'! mag Banger

Axle Trampin'! Banger magazine issue 21 The WESTY Special. A glossy A4 magazine being sold by the editor, so in A1 as new condition. Produced especially for the All Westy banger meeting at Arlington on 23rd July this year. With 8 pages of colour, 32 pages in all, with every single picture except adverts being of various forms of 6 Cylinder Farinas. With a feature on each marque of Westy to help with destinguishing between them. There are 2 pages on each of the A90 / A105 Westminster , The A95 / A105mk2 Westminster, Wolseley 6/99, Wolseley 6/110, A99 Westminster, A110 Westminster, Vanden Plas 3 Litre & even Westy Hearses ! A great collectors piece, which is also a great read! a must for the fan of bangers & Westies!!