Italian Ceramic Vietri Buon Ricordo plate Roma Severino

This Buon Ricordo plate comes from from Ristorante Sacerino a Piazza Zama from Rome and it has been distributed between 1969 and 1984; the plate that I offer and that you see in the photo is an earlier due to marks used; for further information about these old Solimene Vietri marks please have a look to following web page:

Abbacchio alla romana is a lamb leg cooked at Roma fashion. Solimene Vietri Marks: please see photo.

Diameter: 9 inches.

Handling and shipping to USA Usd 16; plates travel at my risk.

Thanks for your attention and GOOD LUCK!

Buon Ricordo means good memory, it's an association of Italian restaurants. Starting from 1964 these restaurants give you a souvenir in remembrance of your visit: a hand painted buon ricordo (buon ricordo means good memory) plate from Solimene Vietri.

These plates are offered free of charges, provided you have eaten the culinary speciality painted on the plate and, of course, that you have paid the bill......

In Italy we have about 110 selected Buon Ricordo restaurants; for further information about these restaurants please have a look to following web site: /english/what.htm