The Story of Chicken Pitchers

The origin of chicken pitchers dates back to the early Renaissance in Florence, Italy. At that time the leading family was the Medici's. Its patriarch was famous Lorenzo the Magnificent who had one younger brother, Giuliano. They were the wealthiest and most powerful men in that town; their only serious rival for power was the Pazzi family, who was trying to wrestle power by the normal method used at that time...assassination.

The Medici's wealth was partially based on their large land holdings, worked by their peasants in the nearby villages. The Medici's were benevolent landowners and occasionally they threw large festivals in those villages for the peasants. Giuliano especially liked to do it. Knowing that, Pazzi suggested Giuliano to throw a festival in the small village of Gallina, w it had never taken place before. Giuliano agreed and the Pazzi plotted to kill Giuliano and his guard the night after the festival when they would be most vulnerable due to the large volume of wine drank during the party.

In the fall of 1478, Giuliano and his entourage of bodyguards, cooks, artists, etc., went to Gallina to throw the festival. Pazzi hired assassins to sneak into the town late in the night after the festival and kill Giuliano and his
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