Italian incense Censer 1930's Antique Purple Velvet Box

Hello and thank you for checking out my auction! This is a pair of incense burners. In some churches these are called thuribles and in other churches these are called censers. These are suspended from chains and are usually held by a priest who swings them around with burning incense inside of them. I really don't know how old they are. I do know that they came from Italy because my great aunt brought them with her when she moved here in the 1930s. She died in 1986 and I was cursed with the unfortunate task of cleaning out her house. I found this among some of her items and I thought it was cool so I hung onto it. I am now slowly letting go of things that are cluttering my house and taking up space. Comes complete with purple velvet lined storage box. One of the clasps has come undone and will not snap shut. I'm not sure if the incense burners are sterling silver or not but they sure look nice! If I have overcharged you by some large amount for shipping I will refund some of your money. Before leaving feedback please remember, I use Ebay's Shipping Calculator to determine shipping cost + 3.00 to help pay for insurance and supplies, box / envelope / tape, etc. In most of my auctions I have to spend my money to help cover shipping & insurance above the 3.00. I usually wait 5 days after you pay to make sure the money clears into ... read more