ITEM: D4503-A . .925 SILVER OVER RESIN BASE GREAT CONDITION - retailed for over $400. 4.5"HIGH .

The idea for this piece is first created by the artist/sculptor. Many of the studios in Italy employee full-time artists that are always on staff creating special works of art. However, from time to time, special artisans are commissioned to sculpt limited edition creations. The artist first hand sculpts the piece using clay as the medium. After the piece is completed, it sent to the casting department that makes a working negative mold of the piece. A liquid polymer resin is poured into the negative mold and takes as much as 10 days to fully cure. Some pieces have several different molds for different sections or parts. When the positive strike is completely hardened, it is removed from the negative mold and attached to other parts of the piece, if any. The sculptor or his apprentice will make all finishes to the new strike. They use special tools to add details, carve in signatures, etc. The result is a perfect match to the original clay sculpture. Applying silver is a difficult and labor intensive process. Unlike "silver-plated" items which are only dipped for a few seconds in silver, allowing for the silver color to eventually wear away, the process used on this item calls for several days of bathing and coating in silver.
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