Iverskaya Virgin Mother

This is a lovely Russian Orthodox church prayer Icon from Ukraine. This is another of the famous Mt. Athos Icons (which takes its name from the Iberian Monestery t--and, is also among the Icons attributed to St. Luke .) (It became famous in Russsia after Tsar Alexi Mikhailovich had a copy made of the Icon in 1648 and had a chapel built for it . It is said that in order to insure the effectiveness of the Icon, 365 fathers from the Iviron Monestery held an all night service. The Icon was then washed with holy water from the relics of saints. Then the water was given to the painter to mix with his paints! Mary if often depicted on many Icons of this variant with a bleeding wound to her neck or cheek. During the 4th century, It is said that when a Sarcean soldier (Roman) struck the original Icon with his sword before releasing it into the Sea of Constantinople, the Icon began to bleed!) This particular Icon comes from the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev . We select only the HIGHEST QUALITY prayer Icons from the church! This lovely prayer Icon is made of real WOOD and measures 7" x 9 1/2" x 1" thick! (NOT white paper over cardboard--Compare with others you may see! These WOOD Icons are excellent for hanging on a wall and will not bend or warp!) T are brilliant gold metallic highlights throughout the image!
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