Ives 600 Lamp Post Original Ivory 1915-1922 Partial Lamp Post

Ives Toys Make Happy Boys and Girls too! This is only a partial lamp post good for restoration or completion of an existing lamp post.
The Original Lamp Post is described as follows:
From 1915 to 1922, the Ives Railways were illuminated with the Number 600 Single Light Street Light. This 9 1/4 inch lamp will work with O or Wide/Standard Gauge trains of all makes for Lionel, Dorfan, American Flyer, Marklin, Bing. Now at least 90 years old this lamp post came with a scalloped edge lamp shield that is painted green. The rest of the Post is white/ivory. There is a circular cast base that is approximately 2 1/4 inches in diameter. There is one wire coming out of the lamp post (these lamp posts did not come with terminal nuts) for attaching to a transformer or track.
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