Ives No 6 Locomotive, No 17 Tender, Empire Express Car

This 3 piece Ives O Guage Train Set came from an estate here in southern New England.

* There are three (3) pieces in the set:

1. No. 6 Wind up Locomotive

- 1917-1925 (per O'Brien's Collecting TOY TRAINS Identification and Value Guide )

- black cast iron body with cast iron wheels

- dummy headlight in center of boiler front

- two rectangular windows on both sides of the cab

- marked IVES No. 6 on both sides

- CONDITION: left drive rod missing, small chip out of cab floor at back (see photos), small paint scrapes, no wind key

2. No. 17 Tender

- 1917-1927 (per O'Brien's)

- tin body with tin wheels

- marked IVES N.Y.C. & H. R. and No. 17

- with coal load

- CONDITION: very light rust on wheels and needa a cleaning, otherwise it's in excellent condition

3. Empire Express Car

- ca 1917-1925 (could NOT find this one in O'Brien's)

- tin body with tin wheels

- marked EMPIRE EXPRESS above the windows

- CONDITION: faded paint on one side, light rust on wheels, otherwise, very good condition

* Sold AS IS for parts or restoration

* There is NO RESERVE!


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