Izod La Coste Harrington Jacket Blue XL Skinhead Ska Oi

Vintage late 70's to mid 80's Izod Lacoste Harrington Jacket in XL. Dark blue with tartan/plaid lining. Excellent condition with minor fading. I'd keep it but it's a little too small for me. The XL Harringtons always run a little small to fit snug. If you're a true American Large this will fit perfect. If you're a skinny XL then this will fit you well also! If you are a rounder XL like myself, then this will be too snug.

If you're into Ska, Rude boy, Mod, Suede, Skinhead, Punk culture then this is a MUST have jacket! It's totally vintage Izod!!! Even better than the later knocks offs made today, better than Merc or Lonsdale or any of the nameless harringtons floating around.

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