This Auction is for a Great CASE Desk or Wall Display Plaque.

This great piece has a wooden base with two great JI CASE Tractors made out of Fine Pewter .

The base measures about 12 Inches Long by about 9 Inches Wide by about 3/4 Inches Thick with Routered edges.

The first tractor on the plaque is a CASE 9040B Backhoe . The body of the tractor moves left and right while the backhoe arm moves up and down. Individually it measures about 8 Inches Long by about 3 1/2 Inches Wide by about 7 Inches Tall when extended.

The second tractor is the CASE 580 Super L with the CASE Extendahoe on the back. The bucket and arms of this tractor move up and down as well. Individually it measures about 7 Inches Long by about 2 Inches Wide by about 4 Inches Tall when bucket is raised.

On the bottom right of the base is a Pewter plaque that is engraved:

"Bright New Future" 1995 C.E. Dealer Meeting - November 13 - 15, 1994

Please see pictures!

If you wanted to you could remove the tractors from the wooden base to display them on t own by just removing a couple of screws from the back.

The back of the wooden base has slots so it could be mounted Horizontally or Vertically on the wall. Or it also would look great sitting on a shelf.

This is truly a great display piece
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