J2B2: #27 Mohawk Jasper Rough, 9.6 Lbs

#21 Mohawk Jasper Rough, 9.6 Lbs. New old material that is very colorful. Kind of looks like Blue Mountain or at least a mixture of Blue Mountain and Gary Green. Mohawk Jasper was dug in the 60's or 70's and has set at the miners residence since. We sold a few pieces of this material when we were negotiating to buy the collection. It was gobbled up at $7.00 per Lb but since we were able to get a better deal on the material we are selling it for less. The rock appears to be very hard and should cab. The rock can have some blues, greens, whites, browns, and/or reds.

We are not professional photographers but all pictures are taken new for each sale to show you the exact lot that we are selling and we try to bring you clear crisp pictures. Sometimes that is not always possible. All pictures are shown wet unless otherwise noted.

We believe that we have a very high quality of rock from the old collections that we buy. However, we can not be held responsible for what is in a raw rock. No one really knows but the cutter. We always hope our customers get a high grade piece of material but unfortunately rocks being what they are that doesn't always happen. We hope your Ebay experience with us is a very pleasant one. Good luck and good shopping.

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