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Shipping and insurance on this item is FREE, with just one condition: you must clip around and return the cancelled stamps that I use to mail out your order. An SASE will be included in your order for your convenience. (I resell the used stamps to other collectors to recover part of my postage expense). If you don't want to return the stamps, or don't understand what I am asking you to do, please contact me before you order.

In my professional opinion (based upon 35 years of experience as a full-time dealer), the following item is:

#J52 Postage Due stamp. Issued in 1914.

I grade this item:

Very Good 1 which means:

Perfs cut into the design. Never Hinged original gum.

SCV $220

For your information: Each item is graded using the Anderson Standard Grading System, the first systematic grading system made for stamps, which I developed by 1997. It is the most comprehensive, easiest and best system devised for grading stamps. It is designed to safeguard you, the buyer, and the Ebay community. My system was up and functional MANY YEARS before Scott catalog, PFC, PSE, and others added grading to their certificates. It is personally
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