Jabo Marbles 6-4-09, 3/4" Joker 'Ultra' run swirl. Double ingot Boulder

Machine operator 'pocket marble'.
I found a small baggie of a few Double ingots from the run. Not as many double ingots made it out the doors before 2010, due to the machines 'Grader' mechanism, kicking out under, and over sizes, along with out of round ones.
This one measures 57/64", or a hair over 7/8". It has a bit of cold roll as seen in the third picture, and merely one touch mark, presumably where it rested touching another marble while cooling. The surface has a bit of orange peel, a product of heat related difference in the glass coefficient upon cooling, more common in the big boys like this. Almost forgot, It's an Oxblood Aventurine. I'm only letting it go because I do have one more I will be keeping.
Watch for many different runs spanning many years of production, as I make my way through them. Let me know if there is any in particular you are looking for.
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