***Jacare Alligator Tabby Quartz Crystal***

***Jacare Quartz Crystal***

((( Elestial Alligator Tabular Crystal )))

~~ Double Multi Terminated Floater ~~

*Minas Gerais State*

"Brazil "

5 1/2" Long x 2 3/8" Wide x 1/2" Deep

220 Grams

This is a jacare or alligator elestial quartz crystal from Brazil. These crystals are called alligator because the colors and patterns are said to resemble the reptile found in Brazilian waters. They are usually light to medium smoky quartz with dark smoky edging. Jacare's have unique elements of architectural and sculptural design with abstract geometric patterns, skeletal etchings and light to dark contrasting colors that form a uniquely beautiful variety of quartz. This crystal has a classic tabby or tabular shape with two opposing faces being much wider than the four faces at the outer edge forming a distinct rectangular or tablet shape. Combined with the abstract skeletal etching these features create an appearance similar to hyroglyphic writing in a stone tablet and tabbies are said to contain etal ancient knowledge. All these features in combination are not common, which makes this a unique and strikingly beautiful variety of quartz crystal.