I am putting up for auction, tmainder of my Jack Daniels commemorative bottles. This particular item is the Barrel House OneBottle complete with the original wooden box. This bottle is very collectible and they are becoming difficult to find.


Date of Release


"Barrelhouse 1 is one of the oldest warehouses at the distillery. Built as one of the first post-Prohibition warehouses and located on a tall hill overlooking the distillery grounds, its seven-story design was found to be the ideal elevation for the aging of whiskey. This 751ml bottle commemorates the heritage of Barrelhouse 1. And due to changes in Tennessee law, it was the bottle of Jack Daniel's to be legally sold at the distillery (and in Lynchburg ) since 1909. The Barrelhouse 1 bottle was originally sold in a specially designed wood box."


This bottle is in new condition, full and sealed with the original plastic shrink seal. According to the label the contents are 94 proof from batch B-001 bottled in the summer of 1994. The hang tag is present with the registration the number B 089383 portion intact and the wooden box is like new. I was tempted to keep this one just for the 13 year old 94 proof contents, but it belongs in somones collection. I will be happy to provide further
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