Jack Daniels Bellagio Hotel Casino single barrel VEGAS

Jack Daniels Single Barrel


Buy it now or it will be gone!!!!!!!

Remember you are bidding on the Decanter is of value, not the contents inside. (***per ebay )

we have 1 Full, Sealed, never opened, brand new MINT condition bottle of Jack Daniels single barrel from the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

A bottle like this was given as a gift to hi-rollers during a jack daniels promotion when the casino first opened in 1998. The actual bottle for sale displays a different barrel number from the Bellagio collection that I was able to purchase in 2005. Yes, the bottle and neck-tag are authentic Bellagio Single Barrel Est. 2005

Want to make an offer???? Please make a good offer and it may get consideration. Anything outside of a few $$$ will be immediately rejected.


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