Jack Daniel's Dan Quest Print Outside Old Office RS

Thank you for looking at this wonderful Jack Daniel's Old Office from the outside Re-strike Print of Mr. Dan Quest. HAND SIGEND AND NUMBERED BY THE ARTIST. This print is made from an original woodcut by Dan Quest. This print is numbered 265 OF 3,000. Woodcut is one of the oldest forms of graphic art and was used as far back as the Eighth Century, Chinese Buddhist text were illustrated in this ancient technique. These are made by selecting a plank of medium hard wood, cut along the grain, the artist first draws his picture on the surface in reverse. The parts of the picture he does not want printed are cut away. The remaining flat-surfaced area of the relief picture is then inked and pressed on handmade Japanese rice paper. The resutling print is called a woodcut. This print is approximately 11 1/2 inches by 10 inches. This is truly a remarkable print that would enhance any home, office or bar. Great item for your Jack collection and a wonderful gift item for that Jack Daniel's man. Check out my other auctions as well. THANKS FOR LOOKING. SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM IN USA $4.95 TRCAKING OR INSURANCE IS EXTRA .