Jack Kirby Street Code page -- all Kirby, all pencil

Jack Kirby pencils for a very rare and celebrated story, Street Code. Art is all pencil, in excellent condition. The size is unusual, about 16 1/2 by 13, making it larger than most modern comic book art.
If you are familiar with this story, I don't need to explain further why this is an important piece of art. Kirby frequently told friends and admirers stories of his life that were every bit as thrilling as his fictional tales. In 1982 or so, Richard Kyle commissioned Kirby to finally draw one of these stories, about how his gang prepared for street rumbles on the Lower East Side in the 1920s. Kyle planned for this to just be the first in a series of stories by Jack, but this was the only one printed, in Argosy magazine. It was later reprinted in "Street Wise," a TwoMorrows publication. Publication was bittersweet -- great to finally see a bit of Jack's autobiography, but too bad no one had thought before of getting him to put more on paper.
My understanding is that this page shows Kirby's memory of being a kid in his house, mooching a biscuit from his mother. It was never inked -- both times the story was published, it was shot off pencil work alone. T's no dialog, just spaces for balloons that were added when it was printed.
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