Jacks Reef corner notched Horse creek chert arrowhead

Modern, Jacks Reef Corner notched, made by me Brad Harrison, out of some very rare Horse Creek chert from right in TN. A point type found in this area out of rare material from Nodule in the second picture is the piece I pulled this point from. Point measures, 2 1/16 in long. A KILLER!!! Great classic color. MY points are never wet or oiled, actual color. Shipping is $4.00 and will combine for multiple points won.

Why buy reproductions? You can get a reproduction for pennies on the dollar compared to the price of a G9 or G10 old piece, especially in this Horse creek chert material, and to find one, or to even find someone willing to sell a point like this would be super rare, and if they was willing to sell, agian the price would be high to say the least. Also they make good decoys for those who have old collections,... thief comes in grabs the reproductions and runs thinking he got the collection. Some actually collect modern works. I have just scratched the surface for LEGITIMATE reasons why folks buy reproductions.

Horse creek chert is a very rare material found in West Tn in certain small spots.

If color is what youre looking for, keep an eye out for me as I occasionally list points made out of this rare TN material. .....Veiw sellers other items.... to see other points or material I have listed.