Jackson Tall Ship Maritime Miniature Oil Painting 1 of3

Maritime Masterpiece / Jackson Rare Small Sized Highly Detailed Tall Ship Oil Painting / Signed / 1 of 3 Currently Up for Limited Auction / Rare Miniatures or Small / Frame Included / Canvas Size 9 7/8 x 7 7/8

Photo Notice: The Sun and The Camera made these Pics appear a Little Washed Out. These Paintings are SUPER CRISP, Clean and Beautiful.

About The Paintings:
These full rig ship paintings in historical settings are a natural outgrowth of the artistâe(tm)s love of the sea, ships & history. Historical oil paintings of tall ships is the natural expression of Jacksonâe(tm)s great passions for all things marine. Completion time from the first drawings to a final piece often exceeds 100 hours work.
Each tall ship, or square-rigger, is an actual vessel, or historically accurate sailing ship of the era of sail, and the scene represents the drama of a moment in history.
Meticulous research is done so that the artist may learn the tall ship he is to portray, the area in which the scene is to be presented, and, indeed, the weather conditions of the actual day of the event. The artist finds this approach very rewarding, exciting and challenging.
The drama of the moment which these paintings portray is alive in the artist. Tall ships in dramatic historical moments, the great heart and courage of the men
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